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Thursday, August 6, 2009

So many ideas...and FEEDBACK

I've been on a "clear kick" and I made a OUTSTANDING necklace. I want to do 3 versions of clear stones at 3 prices, one LOW,,glass beading.... MEDIUM $..Swarovski Crystal...and HIGH...a perfect Clear Quartz....It's certainly not just for brides, but it is something I would be happy wearing as a neautral item. So here is my first picture... This one is in the Glass...$29.00

Okay, now onto my rant, which should be safe to say seeing how I have not a single follower! On Etsy, there is feedback, and to me, if an item is paid quickly with a smooth transaction (which is more then simple) the SELLER should leave postive feedback BEFORE the item is shipped. Now I have bought a LOT on Etsy and only a FEW (I think 2 or 3) left me feedback BEFORE they shipped..most wait until I leave feedback for them and only then they leave me feedback and many times I send a reminder. I'm sorry, that is bullshit. A seller should always post feedback first, not have to be reminded later. Now I realize it is a *safety net* so if the buyer leaves nasty or negative feedback then the seller can lash back out. But is that fair? I don't think so. This really bothers me, can you tell?
If you look on my etsy.... www.AngelaBradley.etsy.com and go to MY Favorites you will see the entire first page and 1/2 of second is ALL BLUE stones. Now everyone that knows me knows that blue is my FAVORITE COLOR because it represents my FAVORITE THING....WATER! I have another vision..lot's of blue droplets on a necklace in briolettes. LOVE IT.
On a personal note, my husbands job is still hanging by a thread, the thread is shredding and everyday I am grateful he goes into work. He works for the family tool & die business (my parents) and I watched my dad start that business in our 3rd bay garage when I was 3 years old. It's painful to watch my parents in such stress, the business taking a plunge towards a landside. I'm angry that we have lost SO MANY jobs to China. Why does our government see it fit to make it EASY for business to ship overseas? Is it to much to want our jobs to stay here in the USA? What the hell is happening to our country?