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Friday, August 7, 2009

I'm in the Canyon

The piece below reminds me of Arizona in the Canyon, the way the sun goes down and the canyons scream of multi shades of orange and auburn. At least in my dreams they do. I have never been to Arizona! I hope to some day. This is a Red Banded Agate. Very pretty

Today will be hectic, I go to visit my grandma with the boys then go visit Cameron's grave site. Cameron passed away at just 5 mths old from SIDS. Not a day goes by I don't think of my cousins son. Isn't it funny how when your little you think your life will all be butterfly's, dreams and flowers, and although yes it may be sprinkled that way, it's not. I have had high school friends lose their child, my cousin lost his infant, my junior high best friend battled breast cancer at 34 years old. I think of these things often, the people, the places I have met and traveled. Everything in life inspires me, sad or happy, it all unfolds when I start beading, it reminds me of something or someone, or a dream.
I was wondering how I could get quality pictures of my clear jewelry, bridal or other, and I would love to do a bridal line (overdone yes) , I think I will drag my friend Heidi to David's bridal try on dresses with jewelry and have her take pictures. We would just tell the lady's working I am a bride and my mom lives in Florida so we need to take pics to send and get her opinion, that way I have the bridal thing going on! hahahahahhahahaha...sounds fun to.
See ya!