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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Paralyzed in Pain

I went to bed last night quite sore. This morning I woke up "stuck", that means my mobility was gone, pain overshadowed any chance that this morning would be even remotely pain free. I'm always "stiff", but this is horrid. I tell myself that others have it far worse than me, so I honestly try not to whine, but this is my blog, right? A place to let loose. I just can't imagine living the rest of my life "like this", so I hope that they find some type of treatment or pain relief soon.

I sold 8 starfish keyrings, 2 plain starfish to a bride that is using them for her nautical themed wedding as bridal gifts. The first keyring(s) I sold.

I got my Clear Quartz in yesterday, rondells, and I must say, they are indeed EXQUISITE, and are more dynamic then the clear class. I don't want to keep doing the same "bridal necklace" pattern, but I would like to keep it similar as they are indeed beautiful.

My youngest son has his First Communion this year, my oldest has his confirmation, so I am hoping (and assuming) the school they go to (which is catholic) will let me set up a table the night they have the First Communion dresses and items come to the school and also set up flyers as well to pass out for necklaces for girls. Yesterday at the store they are liquidating the bead section because they are RE-DOING the entire bead area, making it much larger and buying single beads. I got some class briolettes at a fantastic shade of opal blue, green, pink, opal, and some clear stones to go with. They will make fantastic necklaces for small girls! So let's just hope they let me advertise what I have to offer to the school and kids celebrating First Communion and Confirmation.