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Monday, August 3, 2009

I vision a wedding

I vision the Cut Quartz I have on order with sterling silver twists and Clear swarvoski cyrstal on a bride. I tell ya, it's funny, I wish when I got married I had done jewelry and scrapbooks, I could have saved a lot of money. I think all brides should do a scrapbook, themselves or a family member as a gift. I can't recall where my own wedding book is and in fact, I have always kept it up because it was so expensive!
I was just saying last week that business blogs don't interest me, most of them are like reading a LONG advertisment. I personally am not cut out for writing like that. As a reader it bores me , so I find myself surprised that so many etsy business have a zillion followers.
I've been on the "Anklet" making kit, a little late for summer time I know, what can I say.

I wake up each morning, nearly certain my back is broke..again, this is why I am not cut out for all ad talk. I see the Neurologist in 2 weeks, I pray something can be done. I hurt so bad, so I can safely say that it's great that I love crafts and jewelry making because it allows me to have joy in something without large amounts of pain...well unless you bead all day! hahahhaha

Have a lovely day!