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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Morning Coffee Chatter

I have a story to share. My friend was happily involved with what seems to be a very nice guy. They got in a "tiff" due to TEXTING/communication, and I also say, that the world of technologoy is great, but when it comes to communication I call it a "Sissy Window", I am about being "Face to Face". Not hiding behind the world of technology. Anyway, they get in this "tiff" and for just over a week, he does not contact her and in fact is avoiding speaking to her, although random texting continues. Yesterday "OUT OF THE BLUE" , he responds to her text saying he has a "Spot on his lungs", "Cancer", "going to the Cleveland Clinic"...all of this, and so much more does not "FIT", things are not adding up. My dear friend is devestated and sad, many of us are confused. It's hard to say, I want this to be a lie *Like I believe* because I don't want to see anyone suffer from Cancer, the other side doesn't want someone to be "This CRUEL" and play a huge lie. But let's face it..Olivia Newton Johns "old fiance" after 1995, has admitted he "faked" his death and wants to be left alone. My business partners Nephew told everyone he had liver cancer and played up some pretty detailed information, tests he was going through. He was busted "AFTER" he OD'd and was in the hospital. My business partner is a doctor and he even was played a fool. It happens folks, and there are some seriously sick people out there. I will keep you updated for sure.

Well, I am still bothered that SELLERS..WAIT till I leave feedback until they leave feedback. I'm sorry, that is not right. As a seller, you should leave feedback after prompt payment. Not wait till you see the buyers feedback.

I'm not having much luck on etsy, and I know we all have been there. I can't figure out "WHY" I am not more sucessful. My prices are ROCK BOTTOM, I cannot go any lower. I look at so much OVERPRICED Jewerly with TONS of sales. I see seriously FuGly items with lot's of sales. Now, I am not trying to be a witch, and I realize we ALL have the good and bad of our personal opinions. I am well aware that the market in jewelry on etsy is OVERFLOODED, it's just hard not to get down. I LOVE what I do, and I can't keep making and making and not selling. What if I never sell any? Of course this boils down to one good thing..I made myself promise not to make anything I won't WEAR myself or give as a gift with pride.

Did you know I love to make cards and stamp? I Have HUNDREDS of stamps. I use to have a huge shelf that held all my stamps and I got rid of it on Freecycle YEARS ago when I know longer had time or space in our old house. Well, it's time to get them back out, it's a HUGE money saver and with this lovely (sarcastic) economic time, it's time to do what we can, and honestly paying at LEAST 2.00 per card at the store is CRAZY.

Have a wonderful day!