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Sunday, September 13, 2009


As I was saying at the end of my last blog..my nephew went to dr. for same cold and was told it needed to run it's course. So I'm reluctant to pay 20.00 copay to hear the same thing. I will wait a few days unless it gets worse.

I am finishing up some childs quilts, that were made for Project Sunshine, they are not detailed and not huge, they are actually for sick and hospitalized children, so at the Potato Festival Oct. if they sell it will help because I will be able to turn around and put all the profits into far more material and double the amount of quilts to give to these kids! I haven't got to pass out many, the deal *I thought* I had with Dayton Childrens Medical Center in Dayton Ohio was to go completely dressed to the hilt as a Angel (all blue satin) and spend the entire day visiting and hanging out with kids and giving them a quilt. It sounded like a done thing to me. Then the head lady called and said, sure you can dress up, but you can't spend time with any kids, it will only take about 45 min. Well, that was a deal breaker for me. Now, I'm done done with Project Sunshine, I am just going to modify the plans some. I donated nearly 30 child quilts about 4 years ago and it was wonderful. I have asked for donations, but that's not happening. I am collecting "cans" to cash in and that brings a tiny bit here and there.

I also am working on 2 completely different top secret projects and I'm excited about that.

It's Breast Cancer Awareness in October, now personally it should be cancer awareness every month, every 365 days a year. However, I am making pink/white bracelets for that and will ask the very rock bottom price at the show. I would donate to the proceeds but the fact is, I'm lazy and am focusing on Project Sunshine. I also know a lot of people use the "DONATE" factor and never donate a dime and that really "irks" me.

I hope your all having a great Sunday, I have been busy and now I am off to watch a friends daughter at her 1st soccer game!