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Friday, September 11, 2009

do da da

Well, I'm done pouting. The fact is, I have talent and create beautiful pieces. So what if 50% of etsy is nearly Jewelry? The fact is when you look at it, nobody is solo, look up anything and you will find hundreds of sellers. What I am done doing is giving my secrets away, how to do's, supplier's, idea's, all of it. My first passion will always be quilts, for making them and giving them to those I love is huge. That is something that if I throw up on etsy, I probably don't care if it sells because I always welcome quilts. I am moving forward with what I do and love. Afterall, it makes GREAT GIFTS, since friends are my biggest customers! hahahha

I have been making SWIRLED Polymer Beads, they are beautiful, they are in the sanding stage now to brighten them up. I really enjoy that.

Today I bought Yarn, yes, yarn. I was taught to Crochet and never got to finish what I started so I bought some SUPER SILKY SOFT Yarn and will work on that for my boys.

Well, have a great day everyone :) See ya...all 2 followers!