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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Not much good to say, you may want to skip this!

This is certainly going to be one jumbled blog of mix-mash. Last night we met with the girls in the Handmade Dayton group, nice group of ladies.

It's no surprise that Jewelry is a OVERSATURATED on Etsy, Artfire and the world as we know it. I don't feel I have a nitch. Maybe it's my depression that is coming on the upswing. Maybe it is the fact that we are not making it $ as a family. My husband is pulling out his 401K to pay for past medical bills, present. Many of my dr.s visits are a 50.00 copay. I have cancelled all pain dr. / physcially therapy / endocrinologist appts. I don't see any point anymore. So to say that the fact is that as much as I love making Jewelry, as it is a wonderful expression, and as much as I love wearing it, as it makes me feel better, it's a tough market. Some people have such great sucess so something is wrong. Everyone practicaly dips into making and selling jewelry and there are so many *copy cats* that having something unique is hard to come by.

HOWEVER...with saying all that, I am now into making Polymer beads..something possibly unable to copycat and I have some ideas, which I'm sure in no time will be copied or I will find that . THAT nitch is oversaturated to.

I love to make quilts, but the fact is they don't sell well and they are time consuming and getting money out of them is non exsistant. I would rather keep giving them away. And as soon as I get the 5 finished (about a week) I am going to Childrens Hospital and passing them out, solo, uninvited, and possibly agasint regulations. So arrest me, I honestly don't care.

I make fantastic Body Butter, but again, it's one of those things that don't sell well online.

I have another idea for a childs toy, and maybe I will focus on that for a bit and see how that goes.

Have a great day, I certainly hope it's better then mine.