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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Little bit of this...and tiny of that

I still can't believe that from 33 followers I came here an have 6! It sure did change when Jland left AOL for this "blogspot". I had so many readers and I read SO MANY. I am trying to get it back slowly as I finally got this blogspot in my typing fingers.

I said I was going to get in the potato festival here in my area, however I think I am going to change and fix on local craft shows for the fall/winter and hit some tailgate parties at the Bengals & Ohio State Games. My line of sport stuff I think will take nicely there and afterall, I have friends that are wanting to go to tailgate parties, cookout and have some fun! I'm for it!

We are looking for a car, I like to say we are looking at a Honda CR-V and Pathfinders. We are open to others such as Blazer, Mitsubishi Montero and Rendezvous. I thought it would be fun doing this. It's not, in fact it's sucking the life out of me. Any thoughts on cars/suv's, your faves, your hates?

Have a great one :)