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Friday, September 11, 2009

50 lbs ready to go

Yesterday I joined my "Umptine" time at Weight Watchers. I lost 48 lbs before, 22 lbs another time. I wonder why I walk away when I know I can't really. If I make lifetime then I will get to go free, so that is my goal.

My size is 16 jeans, XL Shirt, weight is 223

The Neurologist said straight out, nicely, lose 50lbs and you will feel 50% better. So that is my goal. I have one large tumor on my T7 vertebra and several small ones. He says that it is non-cancerous and nothing to worry about. I look online and it says the same thing, Sometimes they may get to large and cause problems, if so radiation and meds to shrink it. So I want to lose the 50 because of my health. My spine hurts, all the time. I also want to see if I do feel better, so that way if I don't, I don't have 50 lbs masking what may be a real issue. As of now the tumor is not moving into my spinal column so this is good.

When I weighed 178, I was moving into a size 8. SO, that was when I was HEAVY WEIGHT LIFTING and the clothes MELTED off. Well those days are done, as the exercise I do has to be modified, for me, completely changed. SIGH....walking and yoga, and sitdown bike here I come.

See ya