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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Auctions and Goldstone

Alrighty, up at 4 am, and for some odd reason I have sharp stabbing pains from right under the center of my rib cage to my belly button. Strange. I woke up with a million and one things to do before Friday. And honestly it's not like I am accomplishing any of them sitting here online.

I donated a collection of 5 semi-precious bracelets to our school Oktoberfest Auction, they went for 65.00 or 70.00. I also donated a PICK 5 Sports Team Bracelets and it went for $55.00. I was happy.

I have gotten in my "Goldstone" and it is FANTASTIC looking. I got in brown, blue and green. They are all VERY BREATHTAKING in the sunlight.

It's really no surprise that I love making jewelry, from as long as I recall, I have always loved rocks, stones, shells, all of it. In high school I thought of going to college for gemology, but was steered towards something more grounded. I think it would have been very neat to have cut precious stones and created works of art like faceted stones. Alas, all is good and I love what I do. I just have to purchase my rings and cut stones that I love, BLUE TOPAZ. Speaking of, tomorrow is our 14th Year Anniversary and while at the mall I got my gift...a London Blue Topaz by Le Veil (spelling may be off) it is set in white gold and black and filled with small diamonds. IT's absolutely breathtaking. I loved all the pieces. This one is quite pricey and will spill over to not only this years 14, but next years big 15!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

let myself go

Well, lot's to say.

First off my personal rant. I have seriously let myself go. My pants are tight, my shirts are to short and tight. And mostly I feel YUCKY inside, guncked up. I hate it, I really honestly hate it. I hate the soda I drink, even diet. I hate those donuts I couldn't resist, I hate that overabundance stuffed feeling. Today is a new leaf I have to turn it around. For my health, for my SPINE PAIN. Why is this soooooooo hard? I started WW and let it go, and I need to get back.

So, the kids are off Thursday and Friday, I had great ideas to go away for 2 days, however, sports rule. Bradley had a MANDATORY soccer practice Thursday, Dusty has basketball practice Thursday, games on Saturday (2 of them), so there goes that. I love sports and resent them all the same time.

I got my new car yesterday, I love it! It's a 2003 Pontiac Vibe. All Toyota insides so you know it's gonna last, got GREAT REVIEWS on Consumer Reports, 30 MPG and has a moonroof! YAY! We really shopped around and drove lot's of cars, including Vibes so I am so confidant!

Yesterday I babysat my friends daughter whom is almost 3 mths old, her name is Ryleigh, she is perfectly beautiful, a happy happy baby and a pleasure to spend a day with.

Today I have to finish off some things before an appt. at 12. Smack dab in the middle of my day.

I finished the boys Christmas Shopping. I bought something big for Bradley, an XBox Elite, but have decided to take it back and get more of something smaller, if he still wants it for his birthday in May I will reconsider it. I even have Dusty's Birthday gifts done for Nov. 6th.

The 401K money arrived, yes that's where the car and gifts came. Now it's time to sit down and divy out the bills and get back on track.

I am signed up for 2 Craft Shows, I need to send in the money for the Cincy Pink Fest yet and I am ready to roll.

Muah to all