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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Cupcakes & Thank Yous

Well, this certainly did NOT load in the order I wanted, but here is how my package arrived! You see, there was a question in her blog about if you knew you had one week to live, how would you spend it. Sure, the most popular answer was and IS ALWAYS..with my family, my friends. And it's not that I disagree, but if I knew I had a week, I would want to go out making a difference, that's just who I am. I also have battled depression and I have been at the bottom of the pit wanting to write it all off and leave this world behind. But it's the faces at the bus stops, the men holding a HOMELESS Sign begging for money, it's the kids that have nothing in this world but violence and poverty, it's the smile on my family face, my friends kind words that refused to let me go in the darkest of hours. I would share my entry, but I think you can and should drop over at her blogspot and find it..it was labeled "1st giveaway" or such and it's in the comment section.

I want to say thank you for my cupcakes, they were delicious, and filled with a cherry surprise, each one wrapped like it's own present.



Saturday, September 26, 2009

Kelly & John's Adoption

I saw this couple on the news, they are a young loving couple in Troy MICH looking to adopt a baby to start their future as a growing family. I donated and hope you will to. Even $1.00, $2.00, 5, 10 or any amount adds up, please take some time and SPREAD THE WORD and post this on your blog, tag it, what ever YOU can do to help pull together for this awesome couple!

From an Adoptee...ME!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Little bit of this...and tiny of that

I still can't believe that from 33 followers I came here an have 6! It sure did change when Jland left AOL for this "blogspot". I had so many readers and I read SO MANY. I am trying to get it back slowly as I finally got this blogspot in my typing fingers.

I said I was going to get in the potato festival here in my area, however I think I am going to change and fix on local craft shows for the fall/winter and hit some tailgate parties at the Bengals & Ohio State Games. My line of sport stuff I think will take nicely there and afterall, I have friends that are wanting to go to tailgate parties, cookout and have some fun! I'm for it!

We are looking for a car, I like to say we are looking at a Honda CR-V and Pathfinders. We are open to others such as Blazer, Mitsubishi Montero and Rendezvous. I thought it would be fun doing this. It's not, in fact it's sucking the life out of me. Any thoughts on cars/suv's, your faves, your hates?

Have a great one :)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

SHort and sweet

well..I have attempted 2 blogs, one quite long and there must be some "magic" delet buttom I don't know about on my keyboard and BAM...gone. :( BUmmer

I weighed in 2 days early and was down 2.2 lbs. Very happy. Weekends are hard :(

I am hammering away at jewelry for the Potato Festival the first weekend of October. I have already sold 3 bracelets without putting word out about it. Amazing. I have more styles to do.

Nice sunny day today, both boys have soccer games. I have been doing so much bead making that my house is a wreck. I really need to refocus for a few days!

Much love to all!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


As I was saying at the end of my last blog..my nephew went to dr. for same cold and was told it needed to run it's course. So I'm reluctant to pay 20.00 copay to hear the same thing. I will wait a few days unless it gets worse.

I am finishing up some childs quilts, that were made for Project Sunshine, they are not detailed and not huge, they are actually for sick and hospitalized children, so at the Potato Festival Oct. if they sell it will help because I will be able to turn around and put all the profits into far more material and double the amount of quilts to give to these kids! I haven't got to pass out many, the deal *I thought* I had with Dayton Childrens Medical Center in Dayton Ohio was to go completely dressed to the hilt as a Angel (all blue satin) and spend the entire day visiting and hanging out with kids and giving them a quilt. It sounded like a done thing to me. Then the head lady called and said, sure you can dress up, but you can't spend time with any kids, it will only take about 45 min. Well, that was a deal breaker for me. Now, I'm done done with Project Sunshine, I am just going to modify the plans some. I donated nearly 30 child quilts about 4 years ago and it was wonderful. I have asked for donations, but that's not happening. I am collecting "cans" to cash in and that brings a tiny bit here and there.

I also am working on 2 completely different top secret projects and I'm excited about that.

It's Breast Cancer Awareness in October, now personally it should be cancer awareness every month, every 365 days a year. However, I am making pink/white bracelets for that and will ask the very rock bottom price at the show. I would donate to the proceeds but the fact is, I'm lazy and am focusing on Project Sunshine. I also know a lot of people use the "DONATE" factor and never donate a dime and that really "irks" me.

I hope your all having a great Sunday, I have been busy and now I am off to watch a friends daughter at her 1st soccer game!

Friday, September 11, 2009

50 lbs ready to go

Yesterday I joined my "Umptine" time at Weight Watchers. I lost 48 lbs before, 22 lbs another time. I wonder why I walk away when I know I can't really. If I make lifetime then I will get to go free, so that is my goal.

My size is 16 jeans, XL Shirt, weight is 223

The Neurologist said straight out, nicely, lose 50lbs and you will feel 50% better. So that is my goal. I have one large tumor on my T7 vertebra and several small ones. He says that it is non-cancerous and nothing to worry about. I look online and it says the same thing, Sometimes they may get to large and cause problems, if so radiation and meds to shrink it. So I want to lose the 50 because of my health. My spine hurts, all the time. I also want to see if I do feel better, so that way if I don't, I don't have 50 lbs masking what may be a real issue. As of now the tumor is not moving into my spinal column so this is good.

When I weighed 178, I was moving into a size 8. SO, that was when I was HEAVY WEIGHT LIFTING and the clothes MELTED off. Well those days are done, as the exercise I do has to be modified, for me, completely changed. SIGH....walking and yoga, and sitdown bike here I come.

See ya

do da da

Well, I'm done pouting. The fact is, I have talent and create beautiful pieces. So what if 50% of etsy is nearly Jewelry? The fact is when you look at it, nobody is solo, look up anything and you will find hundreds of sellers. What I am done doing is giving my secrets away, how to do's, supplier's, idea's, all of it. My first passion will always be quilts, for making them and giving them to those I love is huge. That is something that if I throw up on etsy, I probably don't care if it sells because I always welcome quilts. I am moving forward with what I do and love. Afterall, it makes GREAT GIFTS, since friends are my biggest customers! hahahha

I have been making SWIRLED Polymer Beads, they are beautiful, they are in the sanding stage now to brighten them up. I really enjoy that.

Today I bought Yarn, yes, yarn. I was taught to Crochet and never got to finish what I started so I bought some SUPER SILKY SOFT Yarn and will work on that for my boys.

Well, have a great day everyone :) See ya...all 2 followers!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Not much good to say, you may want to skip this!

This is certainly going to be one jumbled blog of mix-mash. Last night we met with the girls in the Handmade Dayton group, nice group of ladies.

It's no surprise that Jewelry is a OVERSATURATED on Etsy, Artfire and the world as we know it. I don't feel I have a nitch. Maybe it's my depression that is coming on the upswing. Maybe it is the fact that we are not making it $ as a family. My husband is pulling out his 401K to pay for past medical bills, present. Many of my dr.s visits are a 50.00 copay. I have cancelled all pain dr. / physcially therapy / endocrinologist appts. I don't see any point anymore. So to say that the fact is that as much as I love making Jewelry, as it is a wonderful expression, and as much as I love wearing it, as it makes me feel better, it's a tough market. Some people have such great sucess so something is wrong. Everyone practicaly dips into making and selling jewelry and there are so many *copy cats* that having something unique is hard to come by.

HOWEVER...with saying all that, I am now into making Polymer beads..something possibly unable to copycat and I have some ideas, which I'm sure in no time will be copied or I will find that . THAT nitch is oversaturated to.

I love to make quilts, but the fact is they don't sell well and they are time consuming and getting money out of them is non exsistant. I would rather keep giving them away. And as soon as I get the 5 finished (about a week) I am going to Childrens Hospital and passing them out, solo, uninvited, and possibly agasint regulations. So arrest me, I honestly don't care.

I make fantastic Body Butter, but again, it's one of those things that don't sell well online.

I have another idea for a childs toy, and maybe I will focus on that for a bit and see how that goes.

Have a great day, I certainly hope it's better then mine.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


I can't believe I haven't posted since before the craft show. I will say it was a nice show, my back was throbbing by end of Saturday and Sunday I was not only sun burnt but in pain. I did make some money and it was a free show and the ladies were great.

I wanted to get in the Pretzel Festival but I don't have 100.00 to just throw down on it right now so it will have to be a next year thing.

I learned one great thing while flipping through some magazines on jewelry, it is that I truly love to make jewelry, but it's time to step out of the comfort zone and do something different, different types of beads, different designs and honestly I am loving it.

Which brings me to this.....one craft show years ago, many woman where sporting these hideous OSU Buckeye Fan necklaces, (while I sold nothing (not selling jewelry then). SO I made Little Buckeyes out of FIMO and turned them into beads and have created a OSU Bracelet. I will do some variations and this is my first mock up. I like it and so do many others. What do you think?

I plan on doing an entire "Sport Themed, School Themed" line of mainly bracelets, because they are inexpensive and make great gifts, due to look and cost. NFL teams to High School Teams. I hope to do well with it. I purchased about 150 of each Pewter Footballs, Basket Balls & Soccer balls. I will let you know how it all pans out!