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Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Jewelry show this weekend. 40% chance of rain Saturday. I don't have the money for displays or such. I am freaking broke!

I have the shingles...again. I can't tell you how misrable I feel. I just want to move away to a place that is beautiful by the water and least have some really great view of the sea or LAKE. Michigan would be my target.
I don't know if I want to go lay down or bead. It really is a toss up as I am not a good napper!

Well, here are some pics for you to see!

Much love to all 2 of you subscribers! hahahahahahah

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Blue & Pearls,,,love of the Sea

I have been feeling just misrable. I did learn how to bead weave some very nice varities of bracelets and if I felt better I would go outside and get my camera out of my husbands truck...but I don't. So I am sorry you will have to wait.

Do you love pearls? I love pearls so much, to me they remind me of the sea, the lake, all the beauty and wonder of water. I love Blue, I love Pearls, I really need to make me a blue Swarovski crystal & Fresh water bracelet huh?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pain never eludes

I am 36 years old, and I feel so nasty. I have osteoarthritis, anterior thoracic bone spurs, degenterative disc disease and endplate sclerosis, now top that off with Fibromyalgia. I tell myself EVERY DAY people have got it MUCH WORSE. I try to suck it up. I do. I just can't some days.

I have a Art Show this upcoming weekend. i would love to get more done, just not sure I can.

Much Love and Peace!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Morning Coffee Chatter

I have a story to share. My friend was happily involved with what seems to be a very nice guy. They got in a "tiff" due to TEXTING/communication, and I also say, that the world of technologoy is great, but when it comes to communication I call it a "Sissy Window", I am about being "Face to Face". Not hiding behind the world of technology. Anyway, they get in this "tiff" and for just over a week, he does not contact her and in fact is avoiding speaking to her, although random texting continues. Yesterday "OUT OF THE BLUE" , he responds to her text saying he has a "Spot on his lungs", "Cancer", "going to the Cleveland Clinic"...all of this, and so much more does not "FIT", things are not adding up. My dear friend is devestated and sad, many of us are confused. It's hard to say, I want this to be a lie *Like I believe* because I don't want to see anyone suffer from Cancer, the other side doesn't want someone to be "This CRUEL" and play a huge lie. But let's face it..Olivia Newton Johns "old fiance" after 1995, has admitted he "faked" his death and wants to be left alone. My business partners Nephew told everyone he had liver cancer and played up some pretty detailed information, tests he was going through. He was busted "AFTER" he OD'd and was in the hospital. My business partner is a doctor and he even was played a fool. It happens folks, and there are some seriously sick people out there. I will keep you updated for sure.

Well, I am still bothered that SELLERS..WAIT till I leave feedback until they leave feedback. I'm sorry, that is not right. As a seller, you should leave feedback after prompt payment. Not wait till you see the buyers feedback.

I'm not having much luck on etsy, and I know we all have been there. I can't figure out "WHY" I am not more sucessful. My prices are ROCK BOTTOM, I cannot go any lower. I look at so much OVERPRICED Jewerly with TONS of sales. I see seriously FuGly items with lot's of sales. Now, I am not trying to be a witch, and I realize we ALL have the good and bad of our personal opinions. I am well aware that the market in jewelry on etsy is OVERFLOODED, it's just hard not to get down. I LOVE what I do, and I can't keep making and making and not selling. What if I never sell any? Of course this boils down to one good thing..I made myself promise not to make anything I won't WEAR myself or give as a gift with pride.

Did you know I love to make cards and stamp? I Have HUNDREDS of stamps. I use to have a huge shelf that held all my stamps and I got rid of it on Freecycle YEARS ago when I know longer had time or space in our old house. Well, it's time to get them back out, it's a HUGE money saver and with this lovely (sarcastic) economic time, it's time to do what we can, and honestly paying at LEAST 2.00 per card at the store is CRAZY.

Have a wonderful day!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Paralyzed in Pain

I went to bed last night quite sore. This morning I woke up "stuck", that means my mobility was gone, pain overshadowed any chance that this morning would be even remotely pain free. I'm always "stiff", but this is horrid. I tell myself that others have it far worse than me, so I honestly try not to whine, but this is my blog, right? A place to let loose. I just can't imagine living the rest of my life "like this", so I hope that they find some type of treatment or pain relief soon.

I sold 8 starfish keyrings, 2 plain starfish to a bride that is using them for her nautical themed wedding as bridal gifts. The first keyring(s) I sold.

I got my Clear Quartz in yesterday, rondells, and I must say, they are indeed EXQUISITE, and are more dynamic then the clear class. I don't want to keep doing the same "bridal necklace" pattern, but I would like to keep it similar as they are indeed beautiful.

My youngest son has his First Communion this year, my oldest has his confirmation, so I am hoping (and assuming) the school they go to (which is catholic) will let me set up a table the night they have the First Communion dresses and items come to the school and also set up flyers as well to pass out for necklaces for girls. Yesterday at the store they are liquidating the bead section because they are RE-DOING the entire bead area, making it much larger and buying single beads. I got some class briolettes at a fantastic shade of opal blue, green, pink, opal, and some clear stones to go with. They will make fantastic necklaces for small girls! So let's just hope they let me advertise what I have to offer to the school and kids celebrating First Communion and Confirmation.

Friday, August 7, 2009

I'm in the Canyon

The piece below reminds me of Arizona in the Canyon, the way the sun goes down and the canyons scream of multi shades of orange and auburn. At least in my dreams they do. I have never been to Arizona! I hope to some day. This is a Red Banded Agate. Very pretty

Today will be hectic, I go to visit my grandma with the boys then go visit Cameron's grave site. Cameron passed away at just 5 mths old from SIDS. Not a day goes by I don't think of my cousins son. Isn't it funny how when your little you think your life will all be butterfly's, dreams and flowers, and although yes it may be sprinkled that way, it's not. I have had high school friends lose their child, my cousin lost his infant, my junior high best friend battled breast cancer at 34 years old. I think of these things often, the people, the places I have met and traveled. Everything in life inspires me, sad or happy, it all unfolds when I start beading, it reminds me of something or someone, or a dream.
I was wondering how I could get quality pictures of my clear jewelry, bridal or other, and I would love to do a bridal line (overdone yes) , I think I will drag my friend Heidi to David's bridal try on dresses with jewelry and have her take pictures. We would just tell the lady's working I am a bride and my mom lives in Florida so we need to take pics to send and get her opinion, that way I have the bridal thing going on! hahahahahhahahaha...sounds fun to.
See ya!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

So many ideas...and FEEDBACK

I've been on a "clear kick" and I made a OUTSTANDING necklace. I want to do 3 versions of clear stones at 3 prices, one LOW,,glass beading.... MEDIUM $..Swarovski Crystal...and HIGH...a perfect Clear Quartz....It's certainly not just for brides, but it is something I would be happy wearing as a neautral item. So here is my first picture... This one is in the Glass...$29.00

Okay, now onto my rant, which should be safe to say seeing how I have not a single follower! On Etsy, there is feedback, and to me, if an item is paid quickly with a smooth transaction (which is more then simple) the SELLER should leave postive feedback BEFORE the item is shipped. Now I have bought a LOT on Etsy and only a FEW (I think 2 or 3) left me feedback BEFORE they shipped..most wait until I leave feedback for them and only then they leave me feedback and many times I send a reminder. I'm sorry, that is bullshit. A seller should always post feedback first, not have to be reminded later. Now I realize it is a *safety net* so if the buyer leaves nasty or negative feedback then the seller can lash back out. But is that fair? I don't think so. This really bothers me, can you tell?
If you look on my etsy.... www.AngelaBradley.etsy.com and go to MY Favorites you will see the entire first page and 1/2 of second is ALL BLUE stones. Now everyone that knows me knows that blue is my FAVORITE COLOR because it represents my FAVORITE THING....WATER! I have another vision..lot's of blue droplets on a necklace in briolettes. LOVE IT.
On a personal note, my husbands job is still hanging by a thread, the thread is shredding and everyday I am grateful he goes into work. He works for the family tool & die business (my parents) and I watched my dad start that business in our 3rd bay garage when I was 3 years old. It's painful to watch my parents in such stress, the business taking a plunge towards a landside. I'm angry that we have lost SO MANY jobs to China. Why does our government see it fit to make it EASY for business to ship overseas? Is it to much to want our jobs to stay here in the USA? What the hell is happening to our country?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Broken Arrows & Multiple Weddings

Remember the wedding vision? Well I got my Clear Quartz in, (I will be highlighting her when I get more readers, lol) and I must have read the post on etsy wrong, or didn't read it much at all, as I was excited over the pictures! Well I only got 2 cut diamond quartz, they look like square pillows that are cushion cut. They are perfect, but for 2 of them, they aren't cheap. So I decided to make 2 or 3 versions of a clear bridal set, one in glass, one in swarovski and the other in all quartz, giving 3 similar looks at 3 different prices! I also think that you don't have to be a bride to wear this beauty that I imagine. I will finish one today.
So, yesterday I put together a perfection of smooth amythest arrow necklace, It is GORGEOUS, so I met my friend Heidi at the Coffee Shop and I was showing it off and all a sudden, it happend...the arrow tip is BROKE...and it is RIGHT in the middle! Soooo...today I will tear it all apart and replace the amythest and re-string it.
Here is a picture..it's blurry, best I could do.

Monday, August 3, 2009

I vision a wedding

I vision the Cut Quartz I have on order with sterling silver twists and Clear swarvoski cyrstal on a bride. I tell ya, it's funny, I wish when I got married I had done jewelry and scrapbooks, I could have saved a lot of money. I think all brides should do a scrapbook, themselves or a family member as a gift. I can't recall where my own wedding book is and in fact, I have always kept it up because it was so expensive!
I was just saying last week that business blogs don't interest me, most of them are like reading a LONG advertisment. I personally am not cut out for writing like that. As a reader it bores me , so I find myself surprised that so many etsy business have a zillion followers.
I've been on the "Anklet" making kit, a little late for summer time I know, what can I say.

I wake up each morning, nearly certain my back is broke..again, this is why I am not cut out for all ad talk. I see the Neurologist in 2 weeks, I pray something can be done. I hurt so bad, so I can safely say that it's great that I love crafts and jewelry making because it allows me to have joy in something without large amounts of pain...well unless you bead all day! hahahhaha

Have a lovely day!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Welcome to AngelaBradley

I really don't need another thing to do, I certainly don't need another social site or blog page, but I also feel maybe that my love of Jewelry and Quilts need it's own nitch for glory, since not everyone on the other sites will appreciate my over-joyous over a new design or item! So here I am.

I have been on Etsy for almost a year trying to find my name when it hit me...AngelaBradley...my first name and my sons first name. He saw it on a sign somewhere in the Marble Head Ohio area, that now I can't recall, he said it was the owner(s) of McDonalds where they have the plaque posted. That was about 4 years ago. We used that name for a bit but I never did anything more then gifts. So then it hit me on the old name.

If you have come here, you probably have done so via etsy, if not, here is my site...www.AngelaBradley.etsy.com and if by chance you found me, well use this code Until August 21st for FREE SHIPPING on anything, just convo me prior to purchase OR in the MEMO put in FREE SHIPPING and I will refund your shipping via PayPal.

So, enjoy :)